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Crawler Type Portable Crusher

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Crawler type mobile crushing and screening Crusher is of high cost performance, reliable & beautiful structure. Its technology is as advanced as the international level. Crawler type mobile crushing & screening plant is widely used in road & bridge construction, metallurgy and other fields to crusher and screen.

Crawler type portable crushing and screening plant driven by hydraulic system is made independently by Zhengzhou Kefid Machinery Co.,Ltd. to confirm to the world market.Its good capacity, high reliability and attractive appearance have reached the international level of similar production. It is widely used for crushing and screening in road and bridge construction, urban construction, metallurgy and energy sector, etc.

Crawler Type Portable Crusher

Features of Crawler Type Portable Crusher :

Track-Mounted mobile crushing plant is a mobile crushing and screening equipment totally hydraulic and crawls with pedrails and classiss developed by our company according to the needs of the market. It is mainly used in metallurgy, chemistry, construction material, hydroelectrical subjects to procee materials needing movement, especially work of highly liquid stone materials of highway, railway, hydroelectrical subjects and so on. Customers can adopt various equiping methods according to nature of materials, scale and readymade materials.

1. The perfect-performance Cummins diesel has the feature of low oil consumption, low noice, stable performance, which can provide us with reliable, economical, and environmental energy source. A military preheat starting device under low tempreture can be equipped, which will enable the equipment to start easily while the tempreture is below -25C°
2. The classiss is of pedrail total-rigid ship-shape structure, which is of high intensity, excellent crawling ability, and quite adaptable to various landform, like mountains and marsh.
3. Developed crawling motor with large torque is adopted, which is powerful and reliable. The crawling system if of full-power variable opening hydraulic system, which is perfect in performance, reliable and is able to fully utilize the power of motor. Key hydraulic parts(pumps,valves) are all imported from Japan.
4.The operation system is the imported servo system, which is simple to operate, acurate in controlling and stepless crawling speed is also available.
5. The crushing and screening equipment adopts the developed product of our company, which has compact structure and stable performance; an angle of 20°is adopted. Screening is efficient and reliable.

Technical Parameter Of Crawler Type Portable Crusher:

Crawler Portable Jaw Crusher Crushing Plant:

Vibrating Feeder GZD-960X3800 GZD-960X3800 GZD-960X3800
Jaw Crusher PE600X900 PE750X1060 PE500X750
Main Belt Width (mm) 800 1000 650
Main Belt Discharge Height (mm) 2700 2800 2700
Side Belt Width (mm) 500 650 500
Side Belt Discharge Height (mm) 2700 2900 2700
Power (KW) 150 220 150
Transportation Length (mm) 13000 14000 12500
Transportation Width (mm) 3050 3180 3050
Transporation Height (mm) 3500 4300 3400
Transporation Weight (T) 39 54 33

Crawler Portable Impact Crusher Crushing Plant:

Vibrating Feeder GZD-960X3800 GZD-960X3800 GZD-960X3800
Impact Crusher PF1010 PF1210 PF1214
Main Belt Width (mm) 800 800 1000
Main Belt Discharge Height (mm) 2700 2700 2700
Side Belt Width (mm) 500 500 500
Side Belt Discharge Height (mm) 2700 2700 2700
Power (KW) 150KW 200 300
Transportation Length (mm) 12000 13000 13000
Transportation Width (mm) 3050 3050 3050
Transporation Height (mm) 3500 3800 3800
Transporation Weight (T) 36 42 48

Crawler Portable Cone Crusher Crushing Plant:

Cone Crusher CS75 CS160 HP220
Vibrating Feeder GLD1500/4 GLD1500/5 GLD1500/5
Up Hopper Volume (M3) 4 5 5
Feeding Height (mm) 2700 2900 2900
Main Belt Width (mm) 800 1000 1000
Main Belt Discharge Height (mm) 2700 2800 2800
Power (KW) 150KW 300KW 400KW
Transportation Length (mm) 12000 12500 12500
Transportation Width (mm) 3050 3050 3050
Transporation Height (mm) 3700 3900 3900
Transporation Weight (T) 38 45 50

Crawler Portable Vibrating Screen Crushing Plant:

Vibrating Screen 2ZS1848 3YZS1860 3YZS2160
Closed hopper volume (M3) 5 6 8
Closed hopper Height (mm) 4300 5000 5000
Feeding Belt B800X7.2 B1000X8.5 B1000X8.5
Screen Under Belt B800X7 B1000X8 B1000X8
Screen Under Belt Discharge Height (mm) 3500 3500 3500
Side Blet B500X5 B650X5 B650X5
Side Blet Discharge Height (mm) 3500 3500 3500
Front Belt B650X7 B800X8 B800X8
Front Belt Discharge Height (mm) 2800 3000 3000
Power (KW) 120 150 180
Transportation Length (mm) 12000 13500 1400
Transportation Width (mm) 3050 3200 3400
Transporation Height (mm) 3500 4100 4100
Transporation Weight (T) 30 36 42

Note: Any change of Crawler Type Mobile Crushing And Screening Plant technical data shall not be advised additionally.

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