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Hydraulic Impact Crusher

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Hydraulic impact crusher is widely used in construction material, highway and railway, cement, mining and chemical fields etc. It is designed to crush soft and medium hard rock. The size range of feed material (maximum compression strength 300Mpa, the moisture should be below 8-10%) can be up to 700mm. Hydraulic impact crusher improves the adjusting device making operation more convenient. The three– cavity makes excellent capability in fine crushing and super fine crushing line.

Hydraulic impact crusher is widely used in building construction, expressway, railway, cement, mine and chemical industry. Hydraulic impact crusher is suitable for soft and medium-hard mining stone. The max. feeding size is 700mm, the compression strength is 300Mpa, moisture is less than 8-10%. Hydraulic impact crusher develops the adjusting device, and operates convinently. The design of three chambers make the hydraulic impact crushing performed extrodinarily in fine and ultra-fine crushing.

Hydraulic Impact Crusher

Features of Hydraulic Impact Crusher :

The Hydraulic impact crusher is a new product developed by absorbing the latest internationllay advanced technoloty and enrich in it with internationally advanced quality. Rotators are the heart of the crusher, and the demanding components in crusher inspection, which is subtle in operation. Thus, we researched and developed heavy rotators with strong structure, so as to pursue higher inertia. High abrasive resistance material and best crushing chamber gurantees a perfect performance.

1.We adopt the globally advanced procee and raw materials with super high quality.
2.Heavy rotators design can gurantee high-quality rotators with strict inspection means.
3.The draft classiss is of wholesome cast steel structure.
4.Unique hammber fixing device and guarantee a higher reliability of hammers.
5.Improved adjustment device can greatly reduce the time of stope and maintenance.
6.Self-owned cover opening device will enable rapid replacement of hammers and other wearable parts.
7.Adopted drafts are of bigger specifications, that means a higher carrying capacity.
8.Analysing to rotators will be able to guarantee stability and reliability.

Technical Parameter Of Hydraulic Impact Crusher :

P model Spec. Feeding
size (mm)
Max. feeding
size (mm)
Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Weight (t)
PFS1210 Ф1150X960 570X990 250 70-120 90-110 15.0
PFS1214 Ф1150X1400 570X1430 250 90-170 132-160 19.0
PFS1315 Ф1300X1500 625X1530 300 180-270 160-200 25.0
PFS1318 Ф1300X1800 625X1830 300 220-300 200-250 30.0

If there is change of the above specification, it subjects to the newest products' specifications.
Note: Any change of Hydraulic Impact Crusher technical data shall not be advised additionally.

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