Impact Crusher Delivery to Algeria[2011-04-03]

In the March 10, 2011, two sets of impact crushers manufactured by Kefid Machinery have been delivered to Algeria. Kefid Machinery has exported many machines to worldwide, this is a new successful business made by all Kefid staff. Two sets of impact

New Workshops in Kefid Headquarters bases put into Production[2011-04-03]

In March, 2011, such a beautiful season, the new industrial park of ZHENGZHOU KEFID MACHINERY CO, LTD is put into production formally. The total area of new industrial park is over 50,000 square meters which will make Kefid much larger production pow

high-speed railway construction promote VSI crusher to a new step[2011-04-03]

It is large-scale, long-term, wide-range for the railway construction,which is effetively promote manufacturing of the processing equipments for aggregates. high speed railway construction put forward to a very high requirement to the graduation of a

Kefid is launching Environmental-friendly and energy-saving Crushing machinery[2011-04-03]

In order to build green conservation-minded society, energy-saving, high efficiency and environmental-friendliness have been referred by more and more people, therefore, it is undoubted that energy-saving crusher, sand making products with high effic

Which manufacturer is better on granite crushing?[2011-04-03]

Granite belongs to the relatively difficult material needs to be crushed. But usually, it is slightly easier than basalt. This is because that although granite has a high hardness, but it has certain brittleness. If you want to design a reasonable sc

Substitution of Ball Mill----Vertical Mill from Kefid[2011-04-03]

For a long time, ball mill has been a key equipment for high capacity grinding demand. Nowadays, vertical mill made by Kefid will be active in this field. You must want to know the comparison between them, please read as follows: 1. Higher grinding e

Kefid MTW Series Trapezoid Mill Deeply Favoured Customers[2011-03-30]

With the ccontinuous progress of the mill's technical level, the fineness of material can achieve is smaller than before, and its application fields are more and more widely. At the same time, people's promoted consciousness for health also put forwa

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