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Raymond Mill

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R series Raymond mill is optimized by our experts, combines low consumption, low investment, and environment friendly, small occupation area, it is more efficiency than the traditional Raymond mill.Raymond mill adopts mill disc revolution, mill draft rotation, spring adjustment rod structure, which is able to strengthen press, cutting ability, so as to enhance ability of the mill.

Raymond mill is named after its inventor Raymond. It is the first generation intermediate speed pendulous milling equipments imported from America and reformed in China. The motor power is transmitted through pully or reduction box to main shaft, driving the grinding roller revoluted along the grinding ring while the grinding roller turns on its axis. At the same time, the materials down from the feeding hole are shoveled between grinding roller and ring for grinding. The grinded materials move up umder the function of are blower. Air and powder goes up to the separator, the qualified products pass and unqualified drop down for further grinding. The quialified powder and air move into cyclone collector, with the powder being collected and air goes back to the air blower. The working condition is of negative pressure. Superfluous airflow is discharged from bag-type dust collecter.

Raymond Mill

Features of Raymond Mill :

Raymond mill adopts mill disc revolution, mill draft rotation, spring adjustment rod structure, which is able to strengthen press, cutting ability, so as to enhance ability of the mill. It has advantages of high production, fine powder, continuous drying powder, grains are concentratedly scattered, fineness is continuous and adjustable, compact structure, low energy consumption, high efficiency, less power consumption, small working area, less investment each time, easy installation and maintenance, reliable operation and so on.

1. most raymond mills are used for handling with some frivolous material, but with the deepening of understanding and the superiority of the crushing steel, all kinds of raymond grinding mills are developed quickly and used wider and wider. Even to the entire scrapped cars and household appliances, processed with appropriate conveyor and sorting equipment, the composition of scrap broken lines can be easily finished ,so it is no need to dismantle of scrapped cars and household appliances and it is easily to product and process automatically to get pure crushed steel, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials available.
2.The electric control system is centralized controlled, so the automaticity is high, no people are needed in the operating room.
3.Driving system of main frame adopts airtight gearing and pulley, drives smoothly and operates reliably.
4.Compared with other milling plants, its passing ratio achieves 99%, this is what other mill can not reach.
5.The whole plant is a vertical structure of strong systematic characteristic, so it occupies small area. From crushing of raw material to grinding and packing is an independent production system.

Technical Parameter Of Raymond Mill:

Mm to inch conversion: 25.4millimeters=1 inch
The humidity and hardness of raw material will affect the fineness and capacity.

Model 3R2115 3R2615 3R2715 3R3016 4R3216
Roller Number 3 3 3 3 4
Diameter (mm) 210 260 270 300 320
Height (mm) 150 150 150 160 160
Ring Inside diameter (mm) 630 780 830 880 970
Height (mm) 150 150 150 160 160
Maximum feed size (mm) 15 15-20 15-20 15-20 20-25
Output size (mm) 0.044-0.165 0.044-0.165 0.044-0.165 0.044-0.165 0.044-0.165
Power of main frame (kW) 15 18.5 22 30 37
Fineness of final product (mm) 0.165 capacity (t/h) 1.2-1.8 1.8-2.5 2.3-2.8 2.6-3.2 3.2-4.5
0.075 0.6-1.2 1.2-1.8 1.8-2.3 1.9-2.6 2.4-3.1
0.044 0.6-1.0 0.8-1.2 0.9-1.7 1-1.9 1.8-2.5

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